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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for online banking?

Online Banking Sign up may be completed by selecting Login/Sign Up at the top of the home screen. Once you have selected sign up you will complete a series of questions that will provide you with a pin number to complete the setup process.

Customers that wish to enroll in online banking must have a valid email address registered with the bank to do this please contact us via our customer service email or via phone to provide email address.

Watch this video for some more guidance on online banking.

How do I order checks?

You can order checks by calling one of our helpful staff members at (712) 542-2103

Or you can click here.

Can I open a deposit account online?

The policy of Cornerstone Bank is to open all acounts in person. This allows us to verify who you are. This also gives us the opportunity to meet you.

Can I make Mobile Deposits?

Your account will be eligible for mobile deposits after 6 months of being in "good standing".

Can I apply for a loan online?

An online application is available for Personal Consumer or Auto Loans. At this time we do not offer an online Mortgage Application, Please contact the bank if you wish to apply for a Home, Business or Agricultural Loan.

Are we affiliated with any other Cornerstone Banks?

We are not. We are a stand alone bank with no other branches. We have several banking tools that allow you to bank anywhere without the worry of finding a branch.

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Please do not send us any personal or confidential information through email. This includes account numbers and social security numbers.